New Bike Consult

First off, are you in the right place? Our new bike consult is for someone who already owns a bike in the category they are looking to purchase in (road, mountain, fitness), has been professionally fit or loves their present position, and wants to make sure they get the right size so they can mimic the same position on a new bike.

Don’t own a bike yet or looking at a new category? Our bike sizing services are for those who do not presently own a bike in the category (road, mountain, fitness) that they are looking to purchase in OR for those who have never been professionally fit on their present bike. No experience necessary! Check out our Bike Sizing Service

Just purchase a new rig? Present bike isn’t comfortable? Just want to make sure you are optimized and dialed in? Time to book a Dynamic Bike Fitting.

OK, now that we know you are in the right place, here is the process for getting your personalized bike and sizing recommendations.

Take Your Body Measurements Ahead Of Time

We need some accurate measurements to figure out your body geometry. All measurements need to be in mm.

Fill Out the Form Below

We need some info about you, what you looking for in a bike, and to grab those measurements

Book A Time To Get Your Bike Measured

The cost of the service is $129, but $50 is a credited toward a full dynamic bike fit once you get your new rig in hand.
Measuring takes 20 minutes or so, and once we have all the info we'll have your recommendations back in 1-2 business days.


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