Video analysis is a great tool to help pinpoint flaws or weak points in an athlete’s technique and/or biomechanics. It is the #1 thing we recommend to people who are looking to decrease their risk of injury and gain some improvement in overall performance. With the use of a high frame rate camera and video analysis software, we are able to show the athlete exactly when and where they could be losing power, efficiency, or even subjecting themselves to injury prone movement patterns. Then we will show the athlete drills and suggest possible strength work that can be done to resolve any issues.

Video analysis can be used for swim stroke, bike skills, and running mechanics. If you would like to get your pedal stroke analyzed, we suggest doing our Dynamic Bike Fit.


Running Analysis – $100

All in person running analysis sessions last about an hour, and includes on the spot video analysis and coaching during that session. After the session is over, your coach will send you a follow up email recapping some of the main issues found during the session. Session videos are available upon request.

To schedule a running analysis with one of our coaches, simply check below and find an opening that works with your schedule.


Swim Stroke Analysis – $100

Swim stroke analysis is done on a “self filmed” basis. This means all you have to do is film yourself swimming and then send us the video for analysis. We will then provide a full analysis of the major areas of improvement, along with screenshots and drills to help improve your limiters.

Note: you will need underwater filming capabilities. A GoPro or an iPhone with a waterproof case are the most common. But any good quality underwater video will work.

To get a swim stroke analysis, simply purchase the service HERE, and we will send you a HOW TO guide for filming yourself shortly thereafter.



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