Fact: A ‘one-size-fits-all’, off the shelf approach doesn’t work when it comes to hydration.

A solid hydration plan is built by knowing 2 different pieces of the hydration puzzle.

Sweat Rate (how much) and Sweat Sodium Concentration (how salty). 

Sweat Rate is highly variable and should be tested often. You can check out a simple way to test that on your own HERE.

Sweat Sodium Concentration is genetically unique to you and can be tested with our Precision Hydration Sweat Sodium Test.


Why did we bring this service to Memphis?

  1. As you well know…it’s hot and humid here. Which means an athlete is going to be sweating a lot when the temps go up.
  2. Coach Dale almost died due to his very high sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration.

If you’d like to hear Coach Dale’s trip to the ER story and why a good hydration plan is so important, click here.

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What is Sweat Sodium Testing?

It is a non-invasive test that allows us to give athletes personalized hydration plans and offer a mix of products that meet your individual needs.

We use medical grade equipment to induce a sweat from your forearm and then use a small collector that straps to your arm that allows the sweat to go into a small plastic tube (see picture below). Once we have enough sweat, we push it through the fancy machine and it kicks out your number.



No blood test. No intervals. No exercise at all. No need to wait while your sample goes off to a lab for top secret analysis.

Our Precision Hydration Test takes about 30-45 minutes and all you have to do is sit comfortably while we talk to you about how you train and compete. The test is simple, painless, and extremely accurate.


This gives us an accurate reading of the amount of sodium (the key electrolyte lost in sweat) you lose every time you exercise. We then send you on your way with a CUSTOM hydration plan designed specific to your needs.

And, in the event you have questions, we’re only an email away!

If you train or race in hotter conditions for longer than 60 minutes, consider this a MUST DO. It is some of the best money you can spend!


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