We know this valuable testing is not readily available all over the US. In fact, we are the only sweat testing operation in the state of Tennessee and the only one in the country that will come to you! That's right, we'd love to come and test your team, club, group of buddies, or whatever you consider yourselves. If you are interested in having one or more of our sweat experts come test your athletes, simply click the link below, fill out the short form, and someone will contact you ASAP.

Our goal with our Precision Hydration Testing is to make it available to as many athletes as possible. The information the testing provides has already changed the lives of so many athletes, including some of our coaches. Knowledge is power, and having one less thing to estimate and spend years of trial and error on means you get those PR's even faster. It also means you spend less time cramping, bonking, and in a medical tent.

As a part of a team, a coach, or someone who oversees the performance of athletes, you want everyone to perform at their highest level. We've both traveled the US and have had athletes come to us in Memphis to get tested. We've worked with pro athletes and folks who haven't even completed their first event yet. What have we learned? Two things mainly:

  1. Everyone sweats at vastly different rates and sodium concentrations. Seemingly similar athletes can have net sodium losses over 10X different.
  2. The average athlete is not consuming enough sodium for the duration of their activity.

In short, a "one size, one product fits all" approach to hydration isn't optimal for athletic performance. Especially for those "going long". 


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Dale I must tell you how terrific I felt all during my trail race Saturday! Even in the heat and high humidity, my body was happy because of the 1500 pre-race and race fueling. Plus the aid stations had potatoes, salt and watermelon to boost me along.
Thank you again for helping me to have more successful events.

Kathy Kramer
Germantown, TN

Before my sweat test I was scheduled for a 60 mile ride (95 degree heat)- cramped up bad at 40 and had to quit at 52. Last weekend (using your plan) I did 65 in similar conditions-negative split and felt fantastic afterwards!! What a tremendous turnaround!!

Can’t thank you all enough!!

Rusty Bell
Marion, AR

I'm loving all that I have been through with you guys this far..training and hydration is on point right now can't complain...I have been spreading the word to others of how the PH process works. This hydration system has taken me to the next level, when I would cramp it got to me mentally therefore I wouldn't push myself or try to ride with faster groups for fear of cramping but that issue is solved.

Manuel Long
Memphis, TN

I use the hydration products you recommended every ride; I won’t ride without it, and haven’t cramped since I started using it.

Jim Lenschau
Germantown, TN


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