Open Water Swimming in Memphis!

The sessions are open to anyone at any level! We highly encourage new triathletes to come out and conquer your fear of the open water, boost your confidence, and hone your open water skills. Click the Sign Up to Swim link for available times and sessions. All swims are done at Shelby Farms and a safety spotter will be there to assist.

* All proceeds benefit Shelby Farms Park. All first time swimmers will have to pass a swim certification before swimming the full loop. Please read all rules on the Shelby Farms site before signing up. Swimming is ONLY allowed during these sessions. Swimming any other time will get you AND the entire program booted from the park. 

You Can Swim For FREE!

We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to take part in these sessions. So if you volunteer for one session as a safety spotter, you can swim the other daily session for free. The catch? You have to be quick because volunteer spots are limited. 


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