BPC has been coaching sprint and distance running mechanics, as well as multi-directional movement mechanics for over 15 years.  During BPC Speed training, your athlete or athletes will be instructed by knowledgeable and experienced coaches that have been well educated in the movement patterns and biomechanics of top athletes.  Huge gains can be made in speed and agility simply by making an athlete’s movement patterns more efficient. In addition, an efficient athlete is much less prone to common injuries.

BPC Speed sessions focus on one or more of the following areas:

Active Dynamic Warm Ups – Linear Acceleration – Top Speed Running – Lateral Acceleration – Change of Direction Mechanics – Jumping/Landing Mechanics – Deceleration Mechanics – Agility and Reaction Timing – Strength and Conditioning

1-on-1 Coaching (1 hour sessions, location agreed upon by coach/athlete)
$100 each – $75 each if paying for 4 or more in advance

Small Group (min 2 athletes, 1 hour sessions, location agreed upon by coach and group coordinator)
4 or fewer athletes – $120 per session
5 or more athletes – Contact us for pricing

Contact us if you would like to put on a camp or after school program


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