Do you have a team, group, or club that all has the same goals or event schedule? Is everyone looking to get stronger? Improve their mechanics? Build a better aerobic base? Peak for the same endurance event? BPC has developed performance programs for a number of teams across the country with great success across the board.

Why should BPC run your training program?

  • Very affordable!
  • Training programs are created and monitored by educated and experienced professionals to suit your common goals.
  • Can be tailor made for any number of athletes, event type, and distance.
  • Completely web based. All workouts, nutrition, and health statistics can be accessed and logged within your BPC TrainingPeaks account.
  • Workouts can be printed and also accessed via a web capable mobile phone.
  • Exercises come with explanations and even pictures and videos to show correct form.
  • Takes the burden of creating and running a proper training program off the coach or group leader.
  • Unlimited program changes due to the “unexpected.”

Who can benefit from a BPC Team Training Program?

  • Running, Cycling, or Triathlon Teams
  • Running, Cycling, or Triathlon Clubs
  • Charity or Event Groups
  • Corporate Fitness Initiatives
  • Schools
  • Any Group of People With a Common Goal!


Group of 5 or less – $200 per month
Group of 6 or more – $275 per month

Team Training Sessions

BPC’s Team Training sessions are a great way to dive into the world of sport performance while getting better as a team. We can develop a training regimen for absolutely any sport and nearly any age group. Swim, bike, run, and beyond.

What to Expect: Each training session is lead by our knowledgeable coaching staff. Your team’s session(s) will be broken up into one or more of the following areas depending on your needs:
I. Active Dynamic Warm Up: As opposed to a static stretching routine which can hinder performance, we focus on an active warm up to prep the body for action and increase performance.
II. Performance –  Distance Running Mechanics – Neuromuscular Coordination – Bike Handling – Pack Riding – Climbing – Sprinting –  Swim Stroke – Transitions – And much more!
III. Strength/Power – Endurance Specific Strength (Total Body) – Core/Stability Strength – Explosive Strength/Plyometrics – Functional Strength
IV. Sport Specific Conditioning – Structured group runs, rides, and open water swims.
V. Team Assessments, Tactics, and Team Building Activities


Single Session Groups (1-1.5 hour sessions, location of team’s choosing)
6 or fewer athletes – $100 per session
7 or more athletes – $15 per athlete per session.

Team Training Camps

Does your team host a training camp every year? Does your club or group want to put together a training getaway or structured training weekend?

Let BPC take the reigns so you and your team can get the most out of every minute.

BPC will organize the entire camp from start to finish including:

– Location and Lodging
– Meals
– Bike Transport
– Route Planning
– Training Regimen
– Skills and Info Sessions
– Itineraries

We can also offer these services:

– Camp bike mechanic
– SAG/Support follow vehicle
– Ride Nutrition

Please contact us about pricing


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